Year 9 Canberra Camp 2023

31 August 2023

We are thrilled to share our reflections on the incredible 5-day camp to Canberra with our remarkable Year Nine students. This journey was a true testament to the power of experiential learning and the impact it can have on our students' growth and understanding.

From the moment we arrived at the National Arboretum to our touching participation in The Last Post Ceremony at the War Memorial, every day was filled with awe-inspiring experiences. Our students' engagement and respect during the ceremony left us profoundly moved, and we are proud that our College's participation can be viewed on the AWM Last Post social media platforms.

Our itinerary was jam-packed with educational adventures that gave us an enlightening perspective on our nation's capital and rich history. Exploring institutions like Parliament, the National Museum, and the High Court provided insights into our democracy and legal system that cannot be replicated in a classroom.

The breathtaking sights of indigenous plants and our role in conservation left an indelible mark. This experience offered valuable reminders for both students and teachers about the importance of treading gently on our earth and respecting the environment that sustains us.

The theme of democracy resonated deeply as we delved into our nation's history and values. Our visits underscored the importance of democracy being "for the people, of the people, by the people," as well as the significance of acknowledging past injustices and the winds of change that are bringing progress.

As educators, witnessing our students connect, collaborate, and thrive beyond the classroom was incredibly gratifying. The sense of independence they gained, along with the authentic learning experiences they encountered, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on their personal and academic growth.

An integral part of the camp was the infusion of Islamic values and spirituality, enhancing the experience with a profound sense of purpose. Our students returned with a deep understanding of their individual power, realising that every voice counts and should never be silenced in the pursuit of justice.

In light of the upcoming 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum on October 14th, our students are better equipped to engage in meaningful discussions and contribute to the democratic processes that shape our nation's future.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $45 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

We would like to thank the Australian Government for their support. This was the 5th time Al Siraat College was able to embark on an interstate trip with our students.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our parents for entrusting us with this enriching journey. This camp was an adventure in education, unity, and spiritual connection that we will treasure for years to come.

Year 9 Canberra teachers