Year 9 Excursion to the Old Melbourne Gaol

24 March 2015

Order! Order! Order in the courtroom! Prisoner 1701 return back to your cell! Guilty! These were the phrases the Year 9 students listened to on their excursion. On the 24th of March, our Year 9 students went on an extraordinary first hand experience to the Old Melbourne Gaol. For some, it was too spooky to enter the prisoners’ cells, however for most, it was really ‘fun’ and ‘cool’.

Our students also took part in a mocked trial of the famous figure in Australian History Edward (Ned) Kelly. They enjoyed taking on the role of playing legal officials in the court. All the enjoyment could be heard in the students’ laughter and smiles can be seen. Well done to our students and thank you to the staff who attended and helped on the day. The teachers who attended the excursion were, Ms. Katherine, Ms. Breis and Mr Vis.