Year 9 Outdoor Education: Golf Range Experience

31 August 2016

Jason Day could have finally met his match!

This term, our Year 9 outdoor education students made a short trip to the local driving range to experience first hand what it would be like to drive off a tee.

For many students this was an absolute first, however after a few swings and near misses, our young golfing hopefuls actually managed to smash the ball down the range. Some students even made distances over 150 metres. Although this seemed difficult at first for most, students couldn’t help but smile and enjoy this very rare opportunity to play. Some students even received training from an experienced local, who didn’t mind sharing a tip or two.

One thing for sure, our little champions had their eye on the ball, some even closer then required. Did anyone ever say that golf can be dangerous, only if your not paying any attention to the person having a shot. Now that’s a smashing tip!