Year 9K Excursion: The Immigration Museum

16 August 2023

We are delighted to share the exciting journey that our Year 9 KLIC students embarked upon during their recent excursion to The Immigration Museum. The day was marked by curiosity, exploration, and the enrichment of cultural understanding.

Titled "Identity: Yours, mine, ours," the exhibition at The Immigration Museum served as a profound opportunity for our students to delve into the intricate tapestry of cultural heritage, languages, beliefs, and family connections. Through this exploration, they gained valuable insights into how these elements shape our self-perceptions and influence our views of others.

As our students navigated through the exhibition, they encountered the complex interplay of perceptions – from the moments of discovery that broaden horizons, to the challenges of confusion and prejudice that can emerge when encountering the unfamiliar. This experience served as a poignant reminder of the power of understanding and empathy in a diverse world.

A highlight of the excursion was the chance to view a remarkable artefact: A 300-year-old hand-written Qur'an originating from the Silvi Xhami (Cyprus Mosque). This tangible piece of history provided a window into the cultural richness that has shaped human history.

The experience was an invaluable opportunity for our students to not only witness history and diversity but to also reflect on their place within this intricate mosaic. We believe that these insights will play a pivotal role in nurturing open minds, fostering respect for all cultures, and encouraging our students to embrace their role as global citizens.

We commend our Year 9 students for their exemplary behaviour and engagement throughout the excursion.