Years 9 to 12: Youth Empowerment Project

23 August 2017

Our Senior School students had the privilege of listening to an international speaker about making the most of school.The students greatly enjoyed this inspiring and highly interactive session which was held on On Tuesday, 22 August 2017.

Mr M.S. Kash Iqbal is an international speaker and founder of UNSTOPPABLEWORLD.ORG. He goes around the world speaking to the youth. Kash Iqbal started university at 16, he completed one of the world’s most competitive pre-medical programs at Cornell University, going on to pursue degrees in Robotics Engineering and Legal Theory. Balancing consecutive college degrees while organizing 200+ events for 100 000+ attendees changed what he thought was possible in student life.

His youth initiative, UNSTOPPABLE WORLD, has covered 70 events in the best universities and schools in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Kashmir, engaging 30 000+ attendees. He is now in Australia doing the UNSTOPPABLE AUSTRALIA Tour and Al Siraat College is proud to be a part of it.