2018 Annual Sports Carnival

15 May 2018

Every year, our annual Al Siraat College Sports Carnival has been getting bigger and better, mashaAllah. in 2018, for the first time in College history, we were able to hold the Sports Carnival and School Fun Run on the NEW sports field right here at Al Siraat.

The day was spectacular to say the least. All students from Foundation all the way up to Year 12 took part with great excitement and enthusiasm. As you can see below, the photos taken on the day say it all. We had parents, teachers and the local community joining the action as well.

The students had to compete in a number of traditional games at the stations set up for them. After our traditional games were completed, our Junior School students took park in 3 additional activities which were the

  • School Fun Run
  • Tug of War and
  • Jumping castles.

The Middle and Senior Years had a volleyball and basketball tournament as well as down ball and Tug of war.

It was a day to remember and the history goes on for the House that gets the most points of the day which will have its name engraved on the College's Sports Carnival Plaque.

Congratulations to House Mina (GREEN) for winning the 2018 Sports Carnival. Good luck to all houses for next Sports Carnival.