Al Siraat vs. Darul Ulum: Friendly Soccer Match

23 May 2017

Al Siraat hosted their very first Exhibition outdoor soccer match against Darul Ulum on 22 May 2017.

The Senior boys have been looking forward to play against another school to put their practice into action, and where else would they rather play than on our brand new soccer field right here on our College grounds.

The atmosphere was amazing to say the least. The weather was nice and sunny and the boys playing looked sharp whilst battling it out on the pitch. The skills and team work that Al Siraat produced by spreading the load for each of our payers to do their part worked according to plan:

Al Siraat scored 3 goals, overall winning the game with the final result of 3-1.

Thank you to all the supporters and helpers amongst students and staff for making this day a most memorable one. Al Siraat are officially undefeated on home ground!