Bachar Houli Cup Final Results

2 August 2023

The Bachar Houli Cup is always an exciting time of the year for our students to compete in an AFL tournament. The program is designed to provide Muslim students attending Islamic schools the opportunity to participate in an organised interschool sports football program, with the top two schools being awarded to play the BC Cup finals at the iconic MCG.

Our Year 5/6 boys played with their heart and soul, mashaAllah, winning 4 out of their 5 games, and just narrowly missed out on playing the finals on the big MCG stage. This was Al Siraat’s best achievement to date!

As an extra bonus, we came first in the Longest Kick Competition when 150 students had a chance to kick the footy to see who could kick the furthest on the day. Mohamed Omar from Year 6B1 emerged as the winner, kicking 39.6 metres, mashaAllah. Omar was awarded a Bachar Houli book as well as an official AFL ball.

A bit Thank You goes to Ms Sadiqah for assisting in the coaching on the day and for awarding all students with their Certificates of Achievement.