Bachar Houli Iftar

28 June 2016

The 2016 Bachar Houli Iftar dinner held at the MCG was a fantastic event promoting a popular Australian game known as AFL. Mr Daniel Saleh was representing Al Siraat College and the Bachar Houli Academy in regards to how our young generation can keep an active life style and learn how to be disciplined, punctual and organised from a sport perspective and bringing it into a classroom setting.

The Bachar Houli program brings a lot of opportunities to the young Muslim generation. Khashif Bouns, Ali Fahour and everybody else who is part of this program, have been working very hard to give something back to the community by providing the best facilities and highest level of training and game time experience. The kids who have been selected to partake in the Bachar Houli Academy and Cup will surely treasure this experience for a life time. Bachar Houli mentors these individuals and give them advise on and off the field.

We strongly encourage all students to work hard at school to be rewarded by representing Al Siraat College in the 2016 Bachar Houli Cup as well as other fun interschool sport competitions.