ISSAV Competitions

9 December 2019

Our Year 5/6 boys and girls took to the court to showcase their dedication and hard work in the Islamic School Sports Association Victoria (ISSAV) Futsal and Basketball competitions. We adapted a new approach to preparing our students for these big events which included multiple weekly training sessions, training during PE classes, and organised a coach to train them on a number of occasions.

We implemented this approach for a period of 8 weeks and the benefits were immediately visible: Students showed great improvements over the course of the training program in their overall ability and understanding of the game and specifically its strategies. We understand that this is a work in progress and will take a lengthy period of time but with patience and faith in Allah, we will reach new heights. We placed well in the final standings and have no doubt that if we continue to implement these programs, our students and our programs will be successful in the years to come.

These programs would not have been successful without the tireless efforts of Daniel Saleh and Safiye Asanova. Both teachers went above and beyond to make these programs possible for the betterment of not only themselves as PE Teachers and Coaches, but for the school and students.

Stay tuned, bigger and better things are on the way for Al Siraat College – inShaAllah.