NRL Touch Football

7 June 2022

Al Siraat invited the NRL Touch Football Academy to help run an after school sports program for all Primary students. The sessions ran for one hour and students were encouraged to pick up a new skill and play the sport.

Did you know that Touch Football is Australia’s largest social sport, with 700,000 participants around the country? This is because it's fun and social, there's no tackling, everyone can play together and it's simple to learn. It's also a great cardio workout in a fun, social environment.

We had students learning how to run with the rugby ball while trying to score a try. Students had some competitions to see how they could work as a team using game sense approaches. It was fantastic to see so many students taking part in this awesome clinic and making new friends.

Thank you to the awesome coaches for encouraging our students to have a go and learn about NRL Touch Football.