Outdoor Education Program: Canoeing

8 September 2015

Strong current calls for even stronger determination

In August, our Year 9/10 boys and girls Outdoor Ed classes tackled the Yarra currents, in what was a very challenging yet enjoyable experience.

Sometimes a simple paddle down a gentle river can sound like an easy yet pleasant task, however our young Outdoor Education students were in for a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

Upon entering the Fairfield Boathouse, students basked at the beautiful and natural scenery, glorifying Allah and admiring the peaceful yet dense surrounding in Fairfield. The Fairfield boathouse has been operating for centuries, and if it wasn’t the picturesque views, it was the authentic original buildings that caught the attention of our enthusiastic boaters, as well as the chance to take on the waters in a canoeing adventure.

Students were divided up into canoes and kayaks, and for students taking on the canoes surely put them to the test. Heavy rain prior to the experience meant that the current was a little stronger then usual, add this and inexperience, resulted in a challenge for all involved to say the leased. Several canoes went floating down the Yarra with the current, despite the exhaustive struggle, and both Mr Saleh and Mr Bektash required to rescue, tow and carry stranded and capsized canoes. This however did not match the bravery, determination and strength of Fatima Mohammed, who could have easily given up and let her canoe sink away. Fatima not only lifted the canoe out of the water while capsized, she helped carry the canoe back to the boathouse.

The day concluded with plenty of smiles and wet clothing for some. Who can forget the funny paddling by some of the groups? However, they soon realized that paddling in opposite directions would cause the canoe to go round in circles or not go anywhere at all.