Senior Boys' Outdoor Education Program: Go Karting

4 August 2015

Trackside for an Ultimate experience

The Outdoor Education program accelerated through the asphalt track in South Morang for an exhilarating experience at the "Ultimate T.U.K.E Karting" track.

For most students this was the first time driving on a karting track. With the engines roaring, and tummies rumbling with anticipation, the year 9/10 students hopped into the karts to take on the challenge.

Prior to commencing, students required a formal online registration, followed by a safety briefing. Then, all that was required was a simple throttle and brake, if at all.

Eight students kicked off proceedings, and in only the first lap student’s required support. Over-steering and loss of traction around turns made it challenging for some. Hussein Chamra was the lap leader with a quick 40.904 seconds, which just so happen to be the best lap time in the class for the program, Mā shāʼ Allāh.

The second group not only battled the sharp turns and fierce competition, a light drizzle made the track extra challenging. This and teenage risky behavior, resulted in repeated loss of traction and constant tire barrier clashing. In fact, some students sent tires flying off into the distance. Hamza Khodr was one of the recipients of a friendly bump, which had him shaking from ground up.

At the conclusion of the program, plenty of stories and smiles filtered through the bus on the drive back to school. This experience is one of many class trips organized as part of the outdoor education program. Students will be reflecting on each activity, which will in turn be submitted as part of a class assessment task.

May Allah grant us a safe journey to each activity, and allow us to return safely and with better character and manners, ameen.