Senior SSV Volleyball tournament

11 March 2022

Ever since Year 7, Volleyball has been a popular sport that bonded our year level together as brothers in Islam. From watching, playing to coaching the younger students. This year was a bit different as there was a lot of competition that we needed our best players to match. We were able to select our players from the Year 11-12 cohort to form our final team selection. Alhamdulillah.

Some highlights of the day: We beat John Fawkner S.C and Glenroy S.C in both sets, mashaAllah. However, we lost to Ilim and Coburg High which was only marginal. Our errors costed us the game for both unfortunately. We learned a lot on the day, played like a team of champions, had success and showed respect as well as gained respect from the opposing schools. It was a very competitive day to say the least.

The ASC team really enjoyed it, we were very fortunate to have this opportunity to represent our wonderful College in the interschool sports tournament. Its a privilege to wear our numbered school playing jersey, something we can remember and hopefully motivate other students from our College to try their best in school sports in the years to come, inShaAllah.

  • by Volleyball Team Captain Hamza