Soccer Gala Day

17 November 2022

Al Siraat College proudly convened the annual Football Academy Soccer Gala Day for students in Years 3 and 4 on yesterday's Thursday, 17 November 2022. We had a fantastic attendance on the day with students and staff from seven other schools within our local Bridge Inn South (BIS) district participating.

It was great to see all students getting into the action and experience a taste of interschool sport in a competitive yet friendly and fun setting. For most students, it was the first involvement of playing soccer against other schools.

Our ASC students played very well and made it to the semi-finals. Congratulations to the winning schools St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Primary School and Marymede Catholic College.

Thank you to all the teachers and assistance coaches who helped make the day fun and enjoyable for the kids. A special thanks goes to our Year 8 KLIC students for helping with refereeing and scoring.