Sports Carnival 2015

6 March 2015

“Mina, Mina, Mina!” These were some of the sounds that echoed into the distance during the Annual Al Siraat Sports Carnival.

The Sports Carnival commenced with a beautiful recitation of Surah Al Ghashiya from Br Ahmed. Principal Mr Houghton officially opened the carnival, which marked the 3rd consecutive year of competition. This year, students were reminded about the importance of healthy competition, as well as encouraging others in the team and displaying good sportsmanship.

Students and teachers walked to the starting positions for the beginning of the novelty events and awaited the sports carnival horn. There was one word to describe the look of most of our students prior to the opening horn ... EXCITED! Jubilant sounds filtered through the sports oval and parents cheered with excitement from the outside.

If saving the rubber ducky wasn't enough excitement for one day, the jumping castle surely put the icing on the cake. With students from Grades Foundation to 4 having a bounce around the castle with great big smiles.

Year levels continued to compete in all novelty events to keep their teams hopes alive whilst trying to perform skills in throwing or running.

The soccer and netball rounds in the senior competitions showcased amazing talents, as well as providing students with an opportunity to play a match against the staff. The male staff vs students soccer match thrilled spectators with fantastic skills and incredible pace. It was the male students who ended up victors with a 1 – 0 win against the teachers. On the other hand, the female staff were able to defeat the girls in the netball match. This match provided onlookers with an excellent display of teamwork and entertainment.

  • Mina 28,427 points
  • Safa 27,555 points
  • Marwa 27,315 points
  • Arafat 25,573 points

The Sports Carnival could not be complete without the announcement of the winning team. All House teams produced incredible scores, and margins between each team remained competitive throughout the day.

However, the outright winner for 2015 was the team of House Mina with a total of 28,427 points. A great big Thank You to staff, students, parent volunteers and spectators who helped make the day possible.