Sports Carnival and Fun Run 2021

9 April 2021

Our PE Department hosted the 2021 edition of our annual Sports Carnival and Fun Run, and what beautiful blessings we received on the day: MashaAllah, the weather could not have been more perfect with a mild temperatures, sunshine and clear blue skies above after an entire week of rain. It also marked the first day in over a year that parents and friends of the College were granted access again on site.

As you would remember, 2020 was the first time in Al Siraat's history that the annual event had to be cancelled due to COVID. The atmosphere and joy this year was simply spectacular, and it brought tears to many eyes to see our school family reunited again.

A lot of planning was done to make the day such a memorable one. Our PE Team received help from our VCE VET Sport and Recreation students who were very motivated and driven to get the ASC Sports Carnival back up and running with novelty events as well as the much loved Primary School Fun Run, tug of war, team sports competitions and much more.

It was a mission in itself and the task could not have been completed without the great support from our passionate and loving parent volunteers from our Parents and Friends Community (PFC): You cut up fresh fruit for all our Primary students, handed out icy poles and cooked a sausage sizzle for all of Secondary School, just to name a few of the many tasks you performed on this day alone: JazakAllah khairan!

A big Thank You also goes to:

  • Br. Rafi and the Canteen Team for ordering the sausages and other food items available to all on the day.
  • The Maintenance Team for accommodating the 4 jumping castles on site and getting the BBQ set up and ready for parent helpers to use.
  • The IT Department for getting the electronics set up for sound and
  • The Digital Learning Team for capturing all the beautiful moments(*soon to be available on our YouTube Channel).

A personal shout out to Abdullatif Friha and Abdulsalam Yussuf for recording and interviewing people live in action during the day, and how could we forget the one and only Ms Tanja for her many funny and priceless moments captured on camera. There were so many people helping out on the day to make the day run smoothly. We would like to thank each and every one of you who put their hands up to help keep those bright smiles on our children’s faces, because at the end of the day, it was all done for our kids.

Speaking of big smiles, this also marks the first year ever that TEAM MARWA WON the most points throughout the day. Congratulations again to Team Marwa (aka Yellow House) on your overall victory and making history.

On behalf of our PE Team consisting of Mr Kinsella, Ms Safiye, Mr Joynt, Mr Hally and Mr Saleh) as well as our VCE VET Sport and Recreating students, we would like thank everyone who attended the awesome day and look forward to 2022, inshaAllah.