VCE Sports and Recreation: Coaching Practice

17 March 2016

As part of the elective unit requirement (Develop and Update Knowledge of Coaching Practices) for the VCE VET Sport and Recreation class, students worked collaboratively in small groups to prepare and deliver primary fundamental skill coaching sessions. This program will be delivered for the remainder of Term 1 and continue for the first five weeks of Term 2.

Supervising teachers were overwhelmed in excitement of what they witnessed, as VET students made positive interactions with their Year Foundation participants. Students were active, having fun and learning. This was truly a reflection of both parties, as the coach and participant were in the learning process together.

Immediately after the delivery of the first session, students gathered and reflected on the outcomes. One group leader made notes on the whiteboard during the reflection session. Furthermore, VET Students arrived to the realization that coaching is hard work and requires a lot of energy, which in turn gave them a greater appreciation of the work teachers do.