Year 10 Health Excursion: Yarra Bend Park

30 October 2019

Our Year 10 Health students tackled one of Melbourne’s most popular natural bushland walking sites: Yarra Bend Park is considered the closest natural bushland near the CBD.

The expedition commenced near Yarra Bend Golf Course, with a circuit taking students through Collingwood and all the way to Richmond, followed by a return hike back through Studley Park, concluding the walk over Kane’s Bridge.

Students felt relaxed, particularly at the beginning, and enjoyed the natural environment which helped make the 8km walk memorable. The sounds of the river and birds also invited positive thoughts and emotions that added to the experience.

A short stop at Collingwood farm for a refreshing treat, put a smile on students face as they watched and observed various farm animals.

“Around every corner, treats await in the open air. Gentle rivers, secluded beaches, native flowers and towering trees are alive with birdsong. Walking tracks stretch through rainforest, along cliffsides and creeks, before dipping into dense bushland and rising to peaks with inspiring views.

You can tackle a section of a longer walk or complete the round-trip options. Whether you're new to the park or a seasoned hiker, you'll love the highlights on these top walks.” – By Barry J., Weekend Notes