Year 11 and 12 Boys: Bachar Houli Cup 2016

5 August 2016

While the Year 11/12 students have been studying hard throughout their VCE, the boys have earned a fantastic privilege getting the opportunity to play on the Richmond Football clubs stadium known as Punt Road Stadium Oval.

Al Siraat competed in the Bachar Houli Cup where our College finished in 2nd place over other Islamic schools in Victoria, a brilliant achievement for these young men, mashaAllah.

  • Khalid Ahmed from Year 12 stood out from the crowd, achieving the MVP medal (Most Valuable Player) awarded to him by Bachar Houli and Ahmed Saad.

The Senior boys have done our College very proud, and we wish them all the success in their future endeavours. It has been a pleasure to see them all so grown up, as these boys were the first team to represent Al Siraat 4 years ago, when the Bachar Houli Cup program had just started. They were in Year 7/8 at the time. The match was a great mile stone for the boys and a great way to treasure their memories.