Year 12 Students vs Teachers FUTSAL Match

26 October 2022

On the official last day of school for our Year 12’s on last Friday’s 21st October, our PE Department hosted a Year 12 students vs teachers Futsal match during lunch time.

We had a great turnout from teachers and students, the atmosphere was incredible! It was great to see a huge crowd come out to cheer for our graduating students, and hopefully some teachers, too.

The Year 12’s had a strong start, but were unfortunately no match to the agility of the staff. The final score was 2-0 in favour of the teachers.

A special thank you to Mr Hally for the commentary during the match. I am confident, as I look at our Year 12 students, that we have collectively achieved so many goals through the relationships and partnerships that have developed between us as members of the ASC family: You will be dearly missed!