Year 5-6 Cross Country Competition

15 May 2018

The 2018 Bridge Inn District Cross Country was held at Bundoora Park. Only 12 students from across our Year 5/6 cohort were selected to represent our College in the school team.

We had our Year 5-6 girls and boys participating in the tryouts in the 2Km and 3Km Cross Country runs. There were 13 schools in total participating with runners, with a number of students who live and breathe cross country in their out of school interests.

The following students were selected and successfully competed on the day:

Category: 9 to 10 years of age:

  • Belal Yassine: 2km (TOP 5)
  • Rida Al Absawi: 2km (TOP 13)
  • Anisa Mohamed: 2km
  • Fatima Abdula: 2Km

Category: 11 years of age

  • Mohammed Sheriff: 3Km
  • Zabreen Ponczek: 3Km
  • Aisha Ibrahim: 3Km
  • Halima Bekhaled

Category: 12 years of age

  • Anas Sheikh Ali: 3Km
  • Zuhaib Ponczek: 3Km (TOP 11)
  • Nadira Abdi Aydid: 3Km
  • Layanne Abou Lebdeh: 3Km