Year 5 and 6 Boys: Bachar Houli Cup 2016

2 September 2016

The Year 5/6 boys football team have been working very hard for weeks in preparation to play in the Bachar Houli Cup.

They have been sacrificing their own recess, lunch and even Wednesday after school at the Auskick Centre right here at Al Siraat. In the lead up to the competition the boys worked together to find a team structure formation that could out play the opponents this was called strategic thinking. As soon as we arrived to Punt Road Richmond Stadium we had a fantastic cheers squad and supporters who were the parents and siblings of our young talented sportsmen. Overall, we played 9 matches of which we only lost the first game! We played on and had a winning streak for the remainder of the competition winning 8 games in a row.

  • Our Captain of this sensational ALL STAR team was Yunis Mustafa

  • Ruckman: Zain Wilson

  • Top leading goal scorer was Musab Ibrahim with over 11 goals scored over 9 games

  • Most improved player was Khalid Hussain

  • MVP (Most Valuable Player) receiving a trophy was Youssef Moustafa

Overall the boys showed great team spirit and sportsmanship to other teams and earned a lot of respect from onlookers. Ahmed Saad, a former St Kilda football player, spoke very highly of the boys and congratulated them on their excellent performance and behaviour on the day.

Well done, boys!