Year 5 and 6 Girls: Bachar Houli Cup

13 September 2022

The annual Bachar Houli Cup is always a massive event we look forward to every year. It reminds us that come September, footy finals are just around the corner. In preparation, our Year 5/6 girls have been training every single lunch time in anticipation of this big day.

The girls have been working on possession, handballing, kicking, and marking. Every single player in the team were committed to sacrifice their lunchtime to work on their AFL skills and tactics. This was the first time our girls would have experienced an AFL match against other schools. The way the team conducted themselves throughout the games was nothing short of magnificent. We had a strategy to offend and defend our goals and this worked very well to our advantage.

Our Captain Fetima El-Massri motivated and organised the girls to be ready for battle. We had girls marking the ball, scoring goals, hand balling chemistry which was making the opposition teams to get physically tired chasing the ball around. We made it all the way through to the semi-finals, mashaAllah! All the players really did our College proud.

For more action on the day, before the grand final was played, each school had the opportunity to take part in the Longest Kick and Running Sprint competitions. Lailah Alobaid was nominated by all the girls in our team to represent Al Siraat for the sprint competition. There were over 150 girls present and only the fastest student per school was able to enter the competition. Lailah launched like a jet and came 1st place, mashaAllah. She WON a special gift from Bachar Houli. Our skipper Captain Fetima came 2nd place in the Longest Kick competition, mashaAllah.

A massive Thank You to all the girls for giving their 100 percent efforts to make it this far: Mabrook!

Mr Daniel Saleh (Head of PE Department)