Year 9 and 10 Boys: Bachar Houli Cup

13 September 2017

Every year the boys from our Year 5 to 10 classes look forward to the most exciting event in the sporting calender which is the Bachar Houli Cup. It’s a day when all Islamic schools select the best of the best to take on the other schools that are aiming to carry home the very own Bachar Houli Cup.

Our College has been involved in the Cup for more than 6 years now, making it a memorable time each year. We have seen these young boys play from not knowing much about AFL to transforming their skills and knowledge of the game into something more professional.

Anyone who has ever played at Punt Road Stadium would tell you how beautiful it actual is. The Finals took place there where our year 9/10 boys finished in 4th place out of 9 schools. Abubakr Ayoubi from Year 10B wrote the following reflection about his experience:

"The experience the Bachar Houli Cup gave me was enjoyable. I felt that the atmosphere was both friendly, yet competitive and this was further supported during our time playing. Most of the students that came along with us would agree that we performed well on the field. We were able to work together and show sportsmanship to our opponents. All in all it was a great opportunity to play with my fellow students and especially to taste the sweet taste of victory."

Besides, Al Siraat came first in the 100m Sprint where two selected students from each school had an opportunity to WIN a limited edition official Richmond guernsey. Farah Mohamed and Abubaker Sheeqey came 1st and 2nd, the fasted boys of the day, mashAllah.

We greatly look forward to next year's Bachar Houli Cup, inShaAllah.