2017 Senior SRCs Appointed

4 May 2017

A special ceremony during our fortnightly Secondary assembly was organised to congratulate our newly appointed Secondary School SRC members, School Vice Captain and School Captain. The College congratulates the newly elected student leaders and wishes them all the best to take this responsibility for benefitting our community!

The School Representative Council (SRC) enables students to be ambassadors of their school to the wider College community, while giving them an opportunity towards personality development and self-growth. Al Siraat College strives to give students an opportunity to have their voice heard. The Student Leadership Programs in place at the College provides students a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the College community with their ideas, opinions and feedback.

As in the previous three years, students were given the opportunity to apply for SRC positions earlier this year. With many applications being received for SRC positions, our panel of judges had a difficult task in selecting the members to join our esteemed team.

Alhamdulillah, the selection has now been finalized, and it gives us great pleasure to introduce our newly appointed 2017 Senior SRC members to you:

Senior School SRCs:

Year 7 students

  • Fatima Al-Hussainy (7A1)
  • Eman Tiba (7A2)
  • Omer Mohamed (7B1)
  • Hamdan Yousef (7B2)

Year 8 students

  • Allyah Shawqy (8A)
  • Hama Abbouchi (8B1)
  • Bilal Makram (8B2)

Year 9 students

  • Nadia Der Zermaki (9A)
  • Balaj Elahi (9B)

Year 10 students

  • Hafsa Sarwar (10A)
  • Abubakar Sheeqey (10B)

Year 11 (VCE) students

  • Haneen Alzayadi (11A)
  • Nour Najem (11B)

College Captain

  • Mariam Afiouni (12A)

College Vice Captain

  • Sumaya Mahad Ali (12A)