2018 SRCs Officially Announced

20 April 2018

Al Siraat has the pleasure of announcing the appointment of 32 Student Representative Council members (SRC) for this year. Our nominees went through formal selection processes and were elected. SRC is the umbrella students’ body that looks into students’ welfare while at the College. The SRC explores ways in which student life at Al Siraat could be enhanced and works together to come up with strategies to meet students’ needs.

The College would like to thank our 2017 SRCs for their dedication and serving the College for the previous four terms, while welcoming the new SRCs of the year, representing the College to both the Al Siraat as well as the wider community. They were honoured with a letter of appointment and presented with their SRC badges at their respective Assemblies.

Congratulations to our new College Captain Bilal Syed Adnan. He is being supported by Vice Captains Nour El-Din Najem and Radwan Mahmandar. All three boys are from our Year 12 VCE class.

Our newly elected 2018 SRCs are as follows:

Middle Years Girls

  • Alishba Siddiqui ((Year 5-6G1)
  • Mira Damlkhi (Year 5-6G1)
  • Aleena Siddiqui (Year 5-6G2)
  • Khadijah Khodr (Year 5-6G2)
  • Ruqaiya Wazze (Year 5-6G3)
  • Amnah Khan (Year 5-6G3)
  • Rumaysa Ibrahim (Hifz B)
  • Hanan Hirsi (7G1)
  • Nadia Aisha Haniff (7G2)
  • Nur Naziihah Hafidi (8G1)
  • Haniyah Jabeen (8G2)
  • Hiba Abdulrahman (9G1)
  • Laila Rashid (9G2)

Middle Years Boys

  • Muhammad Darwich (Year 5-6B1)
  • Zain Khan (Year 5-6B1)
  • Ammar Ulhaq (Year 5-6B2)
  • Yusuf Mohammed (Year 5-6B2)
  • Mohamed Anabtawi (Year 5-6B3)
  • Amaar Hamida (Year 5-6B3)
  • Yahya Ahmed (Hifz B)
  • Osama Akkad (7B1)
  • Khalid Hussain (7B2)
  • Ubaydah Ashour (8B1)
  • Hamdan Yousef (8B2)
  • Mohamad Bakir Al Ghazawi (9B1)

Senior Years

  • Melike Cokmez (10G1)
  • Zahra Al-Ghazawi (11G1)
  • Bilal Ghouse (10B1)
  • Abu Bakr Ayoubi (11B1)


  • Bilal Syed Adnan (School Captain)
  • Nour El-Din Najem (Vice Captain)
  • Radwan Mahmandar (Vice Captain)