"Animates" Project Launched

12 October 2018

On the morning of Tuesday, 9 October 2018, a selected number of Year 9 students, together with students from St Monica’s College in Epping, celebrated the much awaited launch of the "Animates" project.

Following 11 weeks of collaboration facilitated by North Melbourne’s "The Huddle" and with the support of the City of Whittlesea, students were able to develop two animations which give powerful messages against discrimination “Start a Conversation Against Discrimination” and “We are all Human”.

Mayor Cr Kris Pavlidis praised the students for their amazing work and highlighted the importance of taking a stand against discrimination all the while encouraging the students to come up to share their reflections.

A special thanks to Salah Elayoubi who presented his speech on behalf of the College at the launch event.

These 30 second animations will now be promoted statewide on various platforms complete with the Al Siraat College logo.

We are incredibly proud of all our Year 9 students for their contributions towards this very important project for the betterment of their community.