Clean Up Australia Day 2018

19 March 2018

Our SRC member Rawa Adra and her classmates from Year 7G1 took the initiative to clean up the Al Siraat grounds for this year’s "Clean Up Australia Day".

The Middle Years students cleaned the College grounds and kept the environment healthy. Basree Arif believed, “Cleanliness is next to godliness. In Islam, cleanliness is encouraged very strongly. It would be nice to come to a clean and tidy house where you feel relaxed and energised, similarly when our country is clean and tidy, it helps to reduce pollution and illnesses, which helps us to live a healthier life. It is essential that we stop littering and start putting our rubbish in the right place”.

Each year, Al Siraat participates in “Clean Up Australia Day”. In 2017, the fact sheet released by Clean Up Australia Day states soft drink bottles decreased by 5.2%, fruit juice containers by 5.1% and soft drink cans by 1.8%. Plastic bags were increased by 3.5%. Non-food packaging counts represented the largest increase in 2017 as compared to 2016. On the other hand, the positive notes are household items have been reduced by 9.3%; clothing by 1.5% and construction items by 0.1%. The most polluted sites around us are Waterways, Parks and Beaches. We should look after our sites.

Sania Jabeen once read a quote by Marie Kondo: “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to fell happiness living within that environment” that made her to realised that cleaning the environment isn’t something that we should dread but instead we should feel proud and have happiness to say that we helped pitch in to make Australia clean because at the end of the day we are citizens of a place that we call home."

Clean Up Australia Day represents an amazing effort from all students from Al Siraat College. We need to treat our place every day like it’s Clean Up Day and take more responsibility for the rubbish we produce every day of the year.

Hallah Alboarab, shares beautiful message with us all: "The earth needs you! Protect what Allah has given to you and gain rewards. The earth has been created as a mosque of purification."