Commemorating Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day

15 August 2023

Two of our outstanding students proudly represented Al Siraat at the Pakistan Consulate General in Melbourne to celebrate Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day on 14th August 2023. This event exemplified the spirit of unity, resilience, and cultural pride.

Areeba B. from Year 11 and Fatima B. from Year 6, both members of Student Representative Council, showcased exceptional eloquence and leadership at the event: Areeba eloquently delivered a speech in Urdu, capturing the essence of Pakistan’s independence and its profound significance, while Fatima confidently addressed the audience in English, conveying the importance of independence from a unique perspective.

The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Acting Consul General Faisal Hayat Khan, local community leaders, and Members of Parliament. Bronwyn Halfpenny MP and Kathleen Matthews-Ward MP addressed the esteemed community members, highlighting the significance of the occasion. Jordan Crugnale MP also joined the event.

A symbolic cake was cut to celebrate the 76th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence. This gesture united everyone in the room, fostering a sense of shared pride and joy.

The event was also highlighted and covered by International news channel Pakistan ARY News Channel.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Pakistan Consulate General Melbourne for organising this memorable event. Their dedication to fostering cultural connections and providing our students with an exceptional opportunity to be part of this historic celebration is deeply appreciated.