Exploring Islamic Leadership: Interschool Forum

26 September 2023

Al Siraat College's Student Leadership Team embarked on an enlightening journey as they attended the Islamic Leadership Interschool Forum hosted by Ilim College. The event provided an exceptional platform for the student leadership representatives of various Islamic schools to research into the essence of Islamic leadership.

The warm hospitality extended by Ilim College set the stage for a day of fruitful collaboration and insightful discussions on the qualities that define a prominent Islamic leader. Mr Talha Bozkurt, Head of Ilim College's Religious Department, graced the occasion as a guest speaker, addressing the crucial topic of "What is Leadership from an Islamic Perspective?"

Later in the day, the conversation shifted to the "History of Islamic Leadership," which was expressively presented by student leader, Abdullah Abdul Wahab. To infuse an element of interactive learning, a Kahoot session was organised by the College Captains of Ilim College, adding an engaging twist to the exploration of Islamic leadership.

Apart from the intellectual exchange, students had a wonderful time networking with their counterparts from other Islamic schools, establishing connections that may pave the way for future collaborations and shared initiatives. The event made a strong impact and made us excited about future programs and teamwork. These events are very important for our students’ learning. They teach Islamic Values and prepare them to be leaders in the community.

We eagerly look forward to participating in many more such programs that foster growth, understanding, and unity among Islamic educational institutions.