Fostering Interfaith Understanding with SMC

28 September 2023

Al Siraat was delighted to host St Monica’s College as part of an enriching interfaith program earlier this term. The primary goal of this collaboration is to strengthen ties, encourage dialogue, and promote peace among individuals from diverse faiths.

The day commenced with a warm and inviting welcome, where prayers were offered by both schools, setting a serene and respectful atmosphere for the event. Sheikh Waseem took the stage to enlighten the gathering about the significance of interfaith dialogue and understanding, emphasizing the need for unity and harmony in our society.

During the event, Ayesha Malik offered the acknowledgement of country while Nawal Jaleel delivered an insightful talk on the story of Prophet Isa (A.S), providing valuable perspectives from the Islamic tradition. To add an element of fun and learning, the students engaged in a Kahoot session, which was thoughtfully prepared by Jameela Makbool and Yusra Irfan.

The students were presented with an array of activities to choose from, allowing them to immerse themselves in the cultural and artistic diversity that Al Siraat College proudly represents. From calligraphy sessions guided by Sheikh Waseem to Henna art led by Yusra Irfan and Ayesha Malik, and engaging in Islamic design pattern colouring, the students thoroughly enjoyed these creative endeavours. These activities not only fostered creativity but also encouraged thoughtful conversations among the students, making the event both enjoyable and educational.

The event continued with a delightful lunch, providing the students with an opportunity to further interact and share their experiences in a relaxed setting. Following the meal, a school tour was organised, offering the students from St Monica's College insights into the daily life and activities at Al Siraat.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to St Monica's College for their enthusiastic partnership and participation. This collaboration has been inspiring and fruitful, encouraging us to look forward to more joint programs in the future.