Interfaith Excursion with St Monica's College

13 November 2023

As part of an Interfaith program, students from Al Siraat and St Monica’s College embarked on a memorable excursion to St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Islamic Museum of Australia, creating a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and learning.

The day commenced with a guided tour of the historic St Patrick’s Cathedral, where students had the chance to explore the architectural marvel and learn about the rich history encapsulated within its walls. The visit not only provided a cultural immersion but also served as a platform for students to appreciate the diversity of religious practices.

Later in the day, the students transitioned to the Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA), exploring into the galleries with a specific focus on Islamic religious studies curriculum. The exhibits offered a fascinating journey through Islamic history, art, and culture, providing valuable insights into the traditions and practices that shape the Islamic world.

One of the highlights of the visit was a presentation and discussion about Islam and society. Engaging with knowledgeable speaker with Ms Sherene Hassan, students had the opportunity to ask questions, share perspectives, and deepen their understanding of Islam in a modern context. The open dialogue fostered an environment of mutual respect and appreciation for diverse beliefs.

The collaboration between Al Siraat College and St Monica College in this interfaith program exemplifies the power of education in breaking down barriers and promoting unity. Such initiatives not only broaden the horizons of students but also contribute to the development of a more tolerant and interconnected society.

We extend our gratitude to the organiser, educators, and students who made this excursion a meaningful and enlightening experience. It is through these interactions that we continue to build bridges of understanding, nurturing a community that celebrates diversity and embraces shared values.