Junior School SRCs Appointed

8 May 2017

A special ceremony during our fortnightly Junior School Assembly was organised to congratulate our newly appointed SRC members.

The School Representative Council (SRC) enables students to be ambassadors of their school to the wider College community, while giving them an opportunity towards personality development and self-growth. Al Siraat College strives to give students an opportunity to have their voice heard. The Student Leadership Programs in place at the College provides students a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the College community with their ideas, opinions and feedback.

Congratulations to the following Junior School students who have been appointed as members of the Al Siraat Student Representative Council:

Year 3 and 4 students

  • 3A = Nawal Asim Jaleel and Hadia Rashid

  • 3B = Maya Liyana Pera and Layali Shawqy

  • 3C = Muhammad Arain and Abdullatif Friha

  • 4A = Ruqayya Wazze and Khaled El Nachar

  • 4B = Ayah Higazy and Zahra Al Aboudi

  • 4C = Aisha M. Ibrahim and Amirah Jumale

  • Hifz A : Shaima Yousuf

Year 5 and 6 students

  • 5A = Mariam Moeladawilah and Sarah Momin

  • 5B = Artin Ibrahim and Akram Mohamud

  • 6A = Rawa Adra and Mashal Hussain

  • 6B = Khalid Hussain and Badis Sai

  • Hifz B : Abdur-Rahman Khan