Official Announcement for 2020 SRC

20 March 2020

Al Siraat has the pleasure of announcing the appointment of 30 SRCs members and House Captains of 2020. Our nominees went through formal selection processes and got elected. SRCs members are elected from Years 5 to 12.

SRC enables students to be ambassadors of their school to the wider College community, while giving them an opportunity to grow towards personal development and self- growth. The Student Leadership program gives an opportunity for student leaders to get involved in the college community with their ideas, opinions and feedback. The SRC program has been running successfully in the past few years, and has seen our SRC members making a difference within the College.

A special SRC Assembly was organised to congratulate our Primary and Secondary School SRC members, House Captains and Class Monitors of 2020. They were honoured with a letter of appointment and badge of honour to take this leadership role and challenge for 2020.

We would like to thank our 2019 SRC members, House Captains and former College Captain Hafsa Sarwar for their dedication and contributions to the College for 4 Terms.

The College congratulates the student leaders and wishes them all the best to take this responsibility for benefitting our community: Well done!

SRC of 2020 are as follows:

Year 5-6 Girls:

Year 5

  • Esma Yoldas (5/6G1)
  • Sajda Hamida (5/6G2)
  • Ilham Akkad (5/6G3)

Year 6

  • Qirrat Noor Yousuf (5/6G1)
  • Hajar Hart (5/6G2)
  • Maira Rind (5/6G3)
  • Safiyah Mohamed (5-6G1)

Year 5-6 Boys

Year 5

  • Zaid Taha (5/6B1)
  • Mohamed Jumale (5/6B3)

Year 6

  • Muhammad Adan Rabbani (5-6B1)
  • Abdullatif Friha (5-6B1)
  • Abdul Rafay (5-6B2)
  • Abdulsalam Yussuf (5-6B3)
  • Tariq Mir (Hifz B)

Secondary Girls

  • Samar Akkad (7G1)
  • Ruqaiya Wazze (7G2)
  • Aisha Mohamed (8G1)
  • Areeba Bilal (8G2)
  • Safa Ghouse (9G1)
  • Zainab Rida (9G2)
  • Nur Naziihah Hafidi (10G1)
  • Laila Rashid (11A)
  • Aleyna Orhan (12A)

Secondary Boys

  • Talha Bilal (7B1)
  • Ammar Ulhaq (7B2)
  • Mohammad Awwady (8B1)
  • Yusuf Benamar (9B1)
  • Ariff Mohd Nasir (10B1)
  • Balaj Elahi (12A)
  • Bilal Ghouse (12A)