Pakistan Day at Parliament

7 April 2022

For the very first time, two members of our Student Representatives Council (SRC) represented Al Siraat College at Parliament of Victoria on the occasion of Pakistan Day, which commemorates the “Lahore Resolution” of 1940, that eventually led to the creation of Pakistan. In their speech at Parliament, Secondary Year 8 students Ayesha Malik and Abeera Zafar elaborated on “Pakistan Resolution Day and how young girls of Pakistani background are contributing to Australian Society”. The speech was well acknowledged and appreciated by member of Parliamentarians and prominent Australian and Pakistani community leaders.

Pakistan Welfare Organisation in Australia (PWOA) organised this inaugural event at Parliament. PWOA is non- profit organisation and serves the community on various platforms. They played vital role during COVID 19 pandemic by distributing food drives and by bringing the awareness of the pandemic to the local community.

The event also saw performances by children from the Pakistani community and light refreshments were served. Ayesha Malik and Abeera Zafar were each acknowledged with an Appreciation Certificate, presented by MP Craig Ondarchie.

Well respected Al Siraat College Imam Sheikh Waseem Khan and Mr Rana Shahid had also been invited as guests of honour. Sheikh Waseem opened the ceremony with a Qur'an recitation. He was awarded at Parliament for his ongoing contributions of bringing peace and harmony among Pakistani and local communities. Mr Rana Shahid was presented as an award for his ongoing contribution as Senior member in Pakistani community.

It was a very proud moment for our College community to be acknowledged in Parliament for their services and contributions to Australian society.