Pakistan Day celebrations

28 March 2022

Pakistan Resolution Day known as ‘Pakistan Day’ was celebrated on 23rd March at Consulate General of Pakistan, Melbourne. It commemorates the “Lahore Resolution” of 1940, that eventually led to the creation of Pakistan.

For the first time, ten of our Secondary student leaders with Pakistani background were invited by Consul General of Pakistan, the Hon. Mr Syed Moazzam H. Shah, to celebrate this special occasion with Pakistani community leaders and delegates.

Mr Faisal Hayat Khan, Head of Chancery, led the event in Urdu and warmly welcomed our students and staff. Amnah Khan, Year 10 delivered a speech on “Why we celebrate Pakistan Resolution Day?”. It was great to see our students connecting and interacting with community members and leaders of Pakistan. The Hon. Consul General read out messages on behalf of the President and Prime Minister and also addressed to the audience.

A special cake cutting ceremony took place with Mr Syed Moazzam H. Shah and Al Siraat students. Photos were taken and we later had a refresher meal.

Some reflections from students:

"This excursion to the Consulate General of Pakistan was a great learning experience for us and helped us brush up on our knowledge on the history of Pakistan National Day. It was an amazing opportunity for us to expand our Urdu vocabulary (the event was in Urdu) and learn more about Pakistani culture. It is something we will look back on and cherish, a memorable event for the future years." - Hania Muhammad, Year 11

"The “Resolution of Pakistan” event was a very unique experience, as we met many different people from the same culture. Everyone was kind and welcoming. Everyone gave a beautiful speech about this beautiful day. After everyone was done presenting, they served amazing food such as cake, pizza, garlic bread and many, many more. It was an awesome experience and I would love to do it again." - Qirrat Noor Yousuf, Year 8 Leap

"Ms Noori, thank you so much for the opportunity to go to the consulate, it’s a memory I will cherish for many years to come." - Momin Dar, Year 11

"Attending the Pakistan Resolution Day held at the Consulate General of Pakistan. It was a very culturally enriching and patriotically enjoyable experience. We were able to learned more about Pakistan Day and celebrate it together, and listened to Consulate members speak and shared knowledge, while also listening to one of our students speak too. It was a very enjoyable experience that allowed us to realised and celebrate our culture, country and its significant history." - Maryam Haq, Year 11