Senior SRCs Boys: Feed the Homeless

30 September 2022

During the current term break, our Secondary SRCs boys made time to visit and serve fresh food to homeless people in the CBD in the evenings of Sunday, 18th and 25th September.

Our Seniors volunteered by preparing, cooking, and serving freshly cooked sausage rolls with chopped BBQ onions and drinks to feed the homeless. They had lovely interactions with the people and heard their stories while serving the meals. We also gave away fruits, water bottles and packed meals for them.

We would like to thank the following students for attending and making the evening special for others on the two weekends:

  • Osama Akkad (Year 11) - Senior SRC member
  • Yusuf Benamar (Year 11) - SRC member
  • Adam Najem (Year 11) - House Captain
  • Badis Sai (Year 11) - Environmental Captain
  • Hadin Chowdhury (Year 11) - House Vice Captain
  • Jawad Laachouch (Year 11)
  • Omar Albahsh (Year 11)
  • Adam Al Danaf (Year 11)
  • Zahin Karim (Year 10) – House Captain
  • Mohamed Anabtawi (Year 10)
  • Ahmed Dahir (Year 10)
  • Mohamed Ezawi (Year 10).

One of the actions which is most emphasised in Islam is feeding other people. Sharing food is a way of taking care of the vulnerable and bringing the community together. Abdullah bin Amr (ra) said, “A man asked the Prophet Muhammad PBUH: “What Islamic traits are the best?” Prophet Muhammad PBUH replied: “Feed the people, and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not know." [Bukhari]

We would like to thank “Hasene Australia” and “Craigieburn Quality Halal Meats” for supporting us.

If you would like to contribute any donation or would like to join our the Senior boys in feeding the homeless, please feel free to contact our SRC Coordinator Ms Noori. JazakAllah Khairan.