Senior SRCs Feeding the Homeless

10 September 2018

Last Sunday evening of 2 September 2018, our SRCs from Years 10 to 12 along with 2 non SRCs members joined in to serve the homeless in the city as part of the Eid Adha celebrations.

The Qurban meat was provided by Mercy Wings. Our talented Canteen Chef Rafi Mohammed volunteered to cook "Pulao" (a popular rice and meat dish) and vegetarian pulao to meet the catering needs of the homeless. We teamed up once again with "Hasene Australia", a Melbourne-based NGO. They kindly offered us to use their “Mobile Kitchen” for the evening.

Our team brought with us fresh fruits, noodles, biscuits, fresh bread and canned food as give-away gifts for the homeless.

It was the first time that Al Siraat SRCs served the homeless as a team by not only serving, but bringing fresh pre-cooked meals along. They helped to prepare salads and yoghurt dishes on the venue and serving them. The boys were in charge of the evening kitchen and it was wonderful to see our SRC team serving the wider community by representing the College values of "benefiting others" outside the school grounds.

Vice Captain Radwan Mahmandar states: "My first experience to the feed the homeless in the city was wonderful. To provide the basics needs of water and food gave me a new outlook in life. It showed me that we are very fortunate to have all the blessings and we must not take things, what we have in life for granted. We must help the misfortunate citizens. It is our duty to help others and having a great opportunity like feeding the homeless is very rewarding and brings inner peace."

The Senior SRC team members were:

  • Bilal Syed Adnan, Year 12 (College Captain)
  • Radwan Mahmandar, Year 12 (Vice-Captain)
  • Abu Bakr Ayoubi, Year 11B1
  • Chakour Sai, Year 11B1
  • Bilal Ghouse, Year 10B1
  • Junayd Ayoubi, Year 9B1

The team is looking forward to their next visit during the upcoming term break, inShaAllah.

If Year 7-12 boys are interested in joining in with the SRC for this project, please either contact myself or Year 10-12 SRC members.