September 2023: Feed the Homeless

27 September 2023

During the recent holidays, specifically on the Sunday evenings of 10th and 17th September 2023, the Queen Victoria Market transformed into a hub of kindness, all thanks to the thoughtful efforts of our Secondary Student Representative Council (SRC) members. These compassionate students set out to make a difference by feeding the homeless and brightening their day.

The Secondary boys took charge, organising a live cooking session where they made tasty sausage rolls with bbq onions and provided drinks. The joy on the faces of the homeless while enjoying these warm meals was truly heart-warming. In addition to the cooked meals, the team also shared fruits, water bottles, and packed meals to ensure no one went hungry.

We extend a massive Thank You to "Hasene Australia" and "Craigieburn Quality Halal Meats" whose generous support made this initiative possible. Their help enabled our students to serve a larger part of the community, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those struggling.

Moving forward, our mission is to inspire kindness and empathy in our students, nurturing them to become leaders who spread goodness in the lives of others.