SRC Celebrate Teachers Day 2018

26 October 2018

This Friday, 26 October 2018, World Teachers Day was celebrated for the first time at the College, organised by the team of 30 SRCs members and their SRC Coordinator.

The event took place at school and it was to show appreciation and gratitude for their teachers. The planning for this event had been going quietly behind the scene since Term 3. Every member of the SRC played a vital role towards this event. Our SRCs attended an event management workshop in Term 3 which helped them to prepare towards this event. Members demonstrated their expertise by participating and showing their talents on the day. Regular weekly meetings were held to design the event. They brainstormed Social Certificate titles for 60 teachers and a talented SRC member – Khalid Hussain from Year 7B2 who designed, created, printed and laminated 60 certificates for them. The SRCs had spent their lunch time packing teacher gifts and Ubaydah Ashour and Hamdan Yousuf researched different teacher quotes to make quote cards to go with the gifts.

On the day of the event, all members participated in setting the Assembly Hall with decorations, balloons, streamers, dining setup with crockeries and decorations, displayed wall boards. Our Senior SRC members Abu Bakr Ayoubi and Vice-Captain Nour Najem were MCs for the event who entertained the teachers with their talented skills.

The celebration began with a welcome video nasheed prepared by Abu Bakr Ayoubi, followed by a speech on the importance of teachers in Islam by Osama Akkad. A poem was recited by Nur Naziihah Hafidi. Osama Akkad from Year 7 was the MC for the lucky draw, a game designed for the teachers. They organised 6 different fun games for selective teachers to participate on the day. The College Captain Bilal Syed Adnan acted as Games MC and conducted the games. We had junior SRCs who played the role of judging and were in charge of the games setups.

Haniyah Jabeen from 8G2 hosted the certificates for the teachers and Zahra Al-Ghazawi from Year 11G1 and College Captain Bilal Adnan presented the certificates to the teachers.

We invited our Co-Founder Principal Ms Rahat Arain; Director of Student Culture, Ms Esra Boz and Head of Middle Years Mr Vis Naidu, to cut the three "Thank You cakes” as a sign of respect and appreciation from students for their teachers.

Bilal Ghouse was the photographer and Vice-Captain Radwan Mahmandar videographer. Abu Bakr Ayoubi, Hanan Hirsi and Nadia Haniff had organised to interview random students from Foundation to Year 12 about Teachers Day. Abu Bakr produced and edited the interview clips and made an Al Siraat College video production for the teachers which was played at the event.

The celebration was highly successful and everyone enjoyed it. Both SRCs and teachers had positive feedback about the event. Teachers felt that they were valued and students made great efforts making sure teachers were happy and being valued for their hard work they do for their students. The preparation and time spend in planning, organising and running the event was an amazing experience for our students as they have never done such events before at the College.

Ms Noori Ahmad

SRC Coordinator