SRC Feeding the Homeless

17 July 2018

During this semester break, I had an opportunity to visit and serve fresh food to homeless people in Melbourne's CBD alongside Ms Noori, our SRC Coordinator.

We volunteered to feed local homeless Melbournians by preparing, cooking and serving fresh food to them. We teamed up "Hasene Australia", a Melbourne-based NGO. Their Mobile Kitchen for the homeless food truck had all the facilities for cooking and serving fresh food to them.

We brought with us fresh fruits, noodles, water bottles, fresh bread and canned food as give-away gifts for the homeless.

Alhamdulillah, it was a very enjoyable experience. We were able to hear their stories on how they were put into such desperate situations. They were quite friendly and were happy to share a laugh over some hot dogs, chips and a cold drink. Seeing their sunken faces find a small bit of comfort was a rewarding feeling and made the night completely worth it.

To most, they would seem like the losers, but, in reality, they probably have endured more fights than any of us could. InShaAllah, they would receive a relief for their hardships and we, as the privileged ones, would receive guidance and broader shoulders to carry any burden given to us by Allah Almighty.

Abu Bakr Ayoubi, SRC, Year 11B1