SRC Girls Volunteering for Halal Food Bank

1 March 2019

A group of six ASC girls from different year levels came together on Sunday, 24 February to volunteer with the Halal Food Bank. The Primary and Secondary girls packed boxes of food which included essential types of food required in the average person’s healthy diet.

This was the first volunteering opportunity offered to female Al Siraat students this year and I will ensure that more girls taken this great opportunity and come on board. Serving in the community and helping out great causes is essential for every youth to participate in as it will foster skills to continue down this benevolent path in the long term. It was a first opportunity for some girls to volunteer outside the College and they enthusiastically said that they enjoyed the experience very much. The mild weather, small space and workload was all worth it. These girls will definitely return and volunteer once again if given the chance.

As a VCE student, I saw this opportunity as an amazing one and latched onto it the first chance I got. It is very important for especially VCE students to complete hours of community service and volunteering since it will really add weight to resumes, university applications, work applications or anything to do with the wider society.

If any VCE or soon-to-be VCE student is reading this article, I strongly recommend you to take part it such programs as it is very rewarding and beneficial in the long term.

I am really looking forward to our next session, and am sure that even more girls will come on board. I would like to thank the following people for attending and making the service enjoyable and productive:

  • Nada Ibrahim (Year 12)
  • Ahlam Mohamed (Year 12)
  • Hajar Omer (Year 12)
  • Nur Naziihah Hafidi (Year 9)
  • Khadijah Elorr (Year 6)
  • Ms Noori (SRC Coordinator_

If you are interested in helping us with this SRC project, please either contact myself, College Vice Captain Morgan Hussein or our SRC Coordinator Ms. Noori.

Hafsa Sarwar

2019 College Captain (Girls)