SRC Meet and Greet Session

27 April 2018

On Tuesday, 24 April 2018, our SRC invited the College Leadership Team, Heads of Years, Heads of Learning and Coordinators to a “SRC Meet and Greet” event. The event was organised by the newly elected 2018 Student Representative Council (SRC) members.

Osama Akkad from Year 7B1 opened the event by reciting the Quranic verse. Zahra Al Ghazawi from Year 11G1 welcomed all SRC members to the front stage. Each SRC member introduced themselves to the College management team. The event was followed by video presentation by Abu Bakr from Year11B1 on SRC. Khalid Hussain from Year 7B1 talked about the outcome of the Shoebox4 Syria Campaign and played the unpublished interviewed video of Bilal Syed and Nour Najem reported by SBS.

Thank you to SRC Laila Rashid from Year 9G2 for taking photos of the event.

It was a wonderful event to see both SRC students and staff socialising with an afternoon tea and snacks.