SRCs attended VicSRC Regional Conference

24 March 2016

VicSRC Regional Conferences enable over 1,000 students to work together on common issues, define what really matters to Victorian students, and drive positive change in their schools, communities and education system.

This one-day conference was attended by 8 of our SRC members who ensured that students are consulted and heard on the issues that matter to their education, irrespective of their location. This conference at Whittlesea Council provided spaces for students to meet, to express themselves and realise how much they have in common and thus empowering for all involved.

Al Siraat student leaders left the conference with clear strategies for engaging with decision-makers to get their projects off the ground. Some of the other outcomes that we have achieved as a College are:

  • Network with other students and teachers to take action on issues that affect our education system

  • Kickstart advocacy projects for the year ahead

  • Real-world examples and ideas for student-led action

I wish all the Al Siraat College Student representatives the best to bring the change that we all discuss.