SRCs Construct Plant Pot Stands

12 December 2018

During Term 4 of 2018, our Student Representative Council (SRC) with the support from the Technology Department, designed and constructed two wooden plant pot stands for the College.

The students spent a lesson each week towards this project. They learnt how to construct six plant boxes and two stands using wood work tools and machines. They also painted the plant pot stands.

Newly elected College Captain Abu Bakr Ayoubi, along with SRC members Khalid Hussain, Nadia Haniff and Hanan Hirsi helped in planting pot boxes of flowers. The plant stands have been placed outside the main entrance of the TEAMS building.

The SRCs would like to say a special Thank You to the Technology Department, particularly Mr Iszal Bin Ismail and Mr Bajram Arifoski, for giving their precious time to train and assist the SRC students in their wood work project.

The following SRC students participated in constructing the plant pot stands:

  • Osama Akkad- 7B1
  • Khalid Hussain -7B2
  • Nadia Haniff – 7G2
  • Bilal Ghouse- 10B1
  • Abu Bakr Ayoubi – 11B1

Special thanks to the following SRC students for giving their support in this project:

  • Hamdan Yusuf - 8B2
  • Bilal Syed Adnan (former College Captain 2018)

Ms Noori Ahmad

SRC Coordinator