SRCs Feeding the Homeless in September

23 September 2018

On Sunday, 23 September 2018, I was given the opportunity to feed the homeless at Victoria Market in the city. This was the first time, non SRC Senior boys joined in with the SRC Senior team.

The evening was very busy with the team cooking fresh food, chips and burgers. We set table of giveaway food items which we brought for the homeless. This was truly an eye opening experience that I was able to embark on with my peers from both my class along with the younger years. Being given the chance to do something about this growing issue and do what we could for the less fortunate in the city was an amazing and wonderful experience that I wish for many more of our students to take the initiative and experience for themselves. It was very meaningful and I learnt many lessons from it such as: being reminded of how fortunate we really are, how small our problems may be compared to those who have it much worse, opens our eyes to what is really happening in our city and builds stronger bonds while working with others in order to manage and run the food truck.

This was a priceless experience and I would like to send my thanks to Ms Noori for taking the initiative of providing the Al Siraat students with this opportunity and also a thank you to “Hasene Australia” for providing us with their food truck and their mobile kitchen.

May Allah bless all those who participated and In Sha Allah there will be many more of these opportunities for the Al Siraat community.

SRC and Non SRC members:

  • Bilal Syed Adnan (Captain)
  • Radwan Mahmandar (Vice-Captain)
  • Chakour Sai -Year 11B1
  • Moussa Mohammad -Year 9B1
  • Adam Dakakni – Year 9B1
  • Salah Elayoubi- Year 9B1
  • Rafiq Leghari – Year 9B1
  • Bashyrr Saida -Year 9B1
  • Badis Sai -Year 7B1
  • Latif Sai -Year 8B1
  • Ms Noori Ahmad- SRC Coordinator

Written by

Nour Najem

Senior SRC member and Vice-Captain