SRCs Special Awards and Recognition Assembly

4 December 2015

Al Siraat celebrated the success of our SRCs along with their parents in a special awards and recognition assembly today.

The two hours event saw both our Junior and Senior Student Representatives and their parents come together to reflect upon their journey to grow and shine as young leaders. Each student was presented with a framed "Appreciation Certificate" as well as the "2015 SRC Recognition Award".

Students and staff listened to Principals Mr Andrew Houghton and Ms Rahat Arain addressing the SRCs, followed by words of wisdom shared by College Director Mr Fazeel Arain. Student leadership voices were also heard from School Captain Amnah Arain, Vice Captain Tarek Taleb and of course, Dr Sonia Cheema and Ms Noori Ahmad who have been overlooking the SRC program throughout the year.

Parents and students alike enjoyed an interactive quiz and a pass-the-parcel game where students also had to answer questions. The event ended with a tasty luncheon provided by the College and the taking of photos with the awardees and their parents outside.

We wish our SRCs all the best for 2016 as we would like them to carry on the leadership skills for rest of their lives, inshaAllah.