Student Leadership Conference

28 November 2016

Last Friday, a small group of our newly appointed Interfaith Ambassadors for 2017, attended a Student Leadership Conference at Templestowe College. These Year 8 girls enjoyed listening to a motivational keynote speech from Ant Williams who is ranked 8th in the world for freediving. He highlighted his 3 key ingredients for self-development:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Build your grit (perseverance)
  • Have a bigger purpose

In the summary discussion with me after the sessions, the girls were able to beautifully link together their understanding of Islam and having the bigger purpose. They also attended two workshops led by Senior student leaders from other schools around 21st Century Leadership and Courageous Leadership.

Overall, the students walked away after a whole day of discussions and activities, with ambitions and written goals for 2017. They are looking forward to implementing their ideas and representing Islam in a positive light.

I congratulate each of these students for their enthusiasm. They have embraced the opportunity for leadership and understand the responsibilities involved.