Students Interviewed on Live Radio

12 October 2018

Following on from the Animates Launch, three College students together with John King from North Melbourne Football Club’s "The Huddle" were invited live on radio. The students were interviewed by local radio station 88.6 Plenty Valley FM host Denise Kuchmar.

The Animates project gave the students a platform to develope a short animation which gives a powerful message against discrimination, “Start a Conversation against Discrimination”.

Despite this being the first time our students Salah Elayoubi, Juana Sabbah and Bashyrr Saida from Year 9 were live on local radio, they answered the interview questions confidently and even shared the Islamic perspective on discrimination: "A white man is not superior to a black man, except in piety and righteousness".

We are thrilled that Plenty Valley FM offered this opportunity for our students and would like to extend a special thanks to our graceful host Denise Kuchmar.

We look forward to having many more students from Al Siraat College develop as spokespeople for their community.